Surveyor Ultra

Lightweight LiDAR system for long-range and high density survey needs

Technologies inside:

Surveyor Ultra

Surveyor Ultra provides the highest LiDAR point density of all YellowScan products. This model combines long range, high point density and low weight – making it ideal for fast UAVs such as VTOL (TronF90+) or multirotors (e.g. DJI Matrice M600PRO). Like all YellowScan systems – the Surveyor Ultra model is dedicated to 3D modeling of areas covered with vegetation. The model integrates Vellodyne LiDAR and Applanix technologies together.

Key features

  • Robust and reliable,
  • Turn-key and simple to operate,
  •  Lightweight and adaptable on any drone, including VTOLs,
  • Accuracy below a decimeter suitable for high density survey needs.

Flight speed: 18 m/s

Typical AGL height: 80 m

Swath: 340 m

Scanner: Velodyne VLP-32

Wight: 1,7 kg

Wavelength: 903 nm

Precision*: 10 cm

Accuracy**: 5 cm

Scanner field of view: 360 °

Shots per second: 600 tys.

Echoes per shot: do 2

GNSS-Inertial solution: Applanix APX-15 UAV

* Precision, also called reproducibility or repeatability, accounts for the variation in successive measurements taken on the same target.

** Accuracy is the degree of conformity of a measured position to its actual (true) value.



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