With its large payload compartment and wingspan of 3.5 meters the Tron is able to provide a safe option for payloads up to 2 kg. The high payload capacity makes the TronF90+ an ideal platform for LIDAR applications

If applications require a little bit more than the Trinity can offer, the Tron will be the right platform for you.


Sony RX1 RII

The Sony RX1 RII is a lightweight, fast focusing camera with a remarkable lens for collecting pictures with an excellent image quality.

The 35 mm lens and the full frame sensor with 42 MP resolution satisfy even the highest demands (e.g. GSD: 1,3 cm at 100m flight altitude).

Do you need very high precision in your mapping tasks? This sensor will not disappoint you!

price 5.900 EUR netto

LiDAR YellowScan Surveyor/Surveyor Ultra

Yellowscan Surveyor
Shots per second: 300,000
Typical flight altitude: 10 – 80 m
Maximum range: 100 m
Yellowscan Surveyor Ultra
Shots per second: 600,000
Flight altitude: 0 – 150 m
Maximum range: 200 m

price 92.000 (Surveyor) - 129.000 (Surveyor Ultra) EUR netto

Custom payload configuration

The payload compartment can also be adapted to the specific needs of customers. The only condition is that weight of the payload should not exceed 2kg. In this case, e.g. systems of several multispectral cameras, as well as several RGB cameras directed at different angles are applicable.



The Tron LIDAR payload compartment has been designed to integrate the YellowScan Surveyor & Surveyor Ultra LiDAR scanner. This on-board LiDAR measuring kit enables flight missions up to 90 minutes with a 180 degree field of view at a height of up to 120 m above the ground.

This solution gives Tron the full range of LiDAR capabilities and extends the scope of geospatial solutions for our clients.

YellowScan Surveyor & Surveryor Ultra

Yellowscan SurveyorYellowscan Surveyor Ultra
Precision4 cm5 cm
Typical operating altitude 10 - 80 m10 - 120 m
Accuracy5 cm10 cm
Weight (Battery included)1.6 kg1.7 kg
Power Consumption15 W19 W
Autonomy2 godz. typ.1.2 godz. typ.
Communication220 Channels GNSS: GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, RTK and PPK mode available220 Channels GNSS: GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, RTK and PPK mode available
Power ConsumptionL 10 x W 15 x H 14L 11,6 x W 15 x H 14

Key features of ULS:

  • Fast and accurate data collection / night and day
  • Higher point cloud density and accuracy
  • Corridor mapping with true 160° field of View
  • Full integration with other mobile and terrestrial LiDAR data
  • Digital Terrain models below Trees and Forest
  • More options related to data collection altitude, speed and coverage


The combination of YellowScan Surveyor and Surveyor Ultra with the eVTOL TronF90 + is an extremely efficient and accurate system that can be used in many industries.

Quantum-Systems has been designing aviation research solutions for several years and develops expertise in the field of these tools and techniques.

By adding the latest LiDAR YellowScan Surveyor and Surveyor Ultra systems, the combination of three different measurement data collection modes offers a full range of payload compartments and increases the ability to provide complete geospatial solutions.

The combination of photogrammetric cameras, multispectral sensors and ULS LIDAR creates a powerful set of ready-to-use tools!