We reach the earth from the sky

eVTOL – electric UAV with vertical start and landing

– we combine fixed wings with copters

– we integrate ULS LiDAR with multispectral imagery

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Innovation comes from above – lift your head and look to the sky! We are coming!

Vertical take-off and landing provides security for the UAV (VTOL) as well as for the camera(s) and the laser scanner(s) onboard.

Up to 90 minutes in the air. Extremely quiet engines.

One battery can cover over 700 ha with a photogrammetric mission!


13 September 2019

Płatowiec VTOL TRON F90+ jest wykorzystywany w Afryce do transportu krwi potrzebnej do transfuzji

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Our partnerships

Since spring 2019, we’ve been building a partnership with Quantum-System GmbH (Germany), the manufacturer of innovative VTOL UAVs, and YellowScan (France), one of the leading scanning system integrators (e.g. RIEGL, Velodyne) with INS devices (e.g. Applanix). On the Offer webpage you will find available products for eVTOL Platforms, including scanning devices and software dedicated to YellowScan ULS and MLS platforms. We invite you to have a look!